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Soft and conformable wraps made from pvc, quality liner and glue. The glue has low initial intact and gains its strength in 24hours. Matte wraps should be sufficiently host-heated. The vinyl thickness is 130 micron. It comes in various colours.

Thickness of film (C=10 micron): 14-15C±0.5C
Thickness of film with release liner: 31-32C±0.5C
Type of film: Medium grade polymeric calendered film with air release channels
Colours: Black, Vivid Orange, Ice Blue, Racing Red, Pink Lace, Toxic Green

Series: 180 series
Glue: Henkel solvent based adhesive
Release liner: White silicone-coated paper with double-sided polyethylene coating
Storing period:  3 years if stored in +10°С to +20°С, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sun light, clean and dry place
Indoor life: 5 years when followed rules of application and use
Outdoor life: 3 years when followed rules of application and use
Application: from +5°С to +30°С, usage from -30°С to +50°С
Dimensional stability: shrinkage less than 0,20%
Plastification: between 25%-32%
Breaking Strength: 30.7 N/10mm (Average) Test Method: ASTM D3759/D3759M-05180º Peel Strength, to steel panel: 9 N/10mm (Average) Test Method: ASTM D3330/D3330-04

Light Ageing in UV Exposure: 
Test Method ASTM D4329-13 Cycle A & ISO 105-A02:1993/Cor.2:2005, Test result: 4-5 / Exposure cycle: ASTM D4329-13 cycle A, Lamp type: UVA-3408h UV at (60±2.5)℃ BPT, 0.89 W/(m2•nm)@340nm, 4h condensation at (50±2.5)℃ BPT, Exposure duration: 48h

Package: Roll width 152 cm, length 18 m, weight 13 kg

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