Video Instructions

Learn to wrap cars with professionals
As the vinyl wrap film market changes rapidly, new materials, tools, and techniques are turning up in the market every now and then. Thus, keeping up with trends has become essential for car wrappers – or anyone who uses these films.

The need of learning vehicle wrapping
Those new elements and tricks are often designed for different circumstances and have individual instructions. Due to this, even experienced installers might need time to adapt when they come across a change.

This explains the importance of learning about the vinyl wrapping industry persistently. Update and equip yourself with the latest products and technologies can help you better adjust in time and ensure success in your projects.

A new way to master the art of vinyl film
Unlike wrap professionals, more and more people dive into the industry because of their passion for customizing cars or other factors. For someone who lacks hands-on experience, it can be challenging even to choose the suitable material for their craft project, not to mention the stage of wrapping.

Thus, TeckWrap has developed this space specifically for both beginners and experienced installers. You can explore freely and find videos that meet your need. Learn to wrap a vehicle or a particular section step by step with the guide of the professionals, who know well about the material and the best way to handle it.

What you can gain from these videos
The TeckWrap instruction videos can be categorized by a wide range of areas, from the kind of vinyl wrap film that is used, the section that is demonstrated to apply, and the type of vehicle that is wrapped, to common knowledge of car wraps…

By studying through these instructions, you will better understand the properties of different wrap films and how you should apply them accordingly under various circumstances. Start learning now and boost your confidence in wrapping.

How Much Wrap Do I Need?

Motorcycles 10-16 feet (3-5 meters)
Mini, small cars 42-45 feet (13-14 meters)
Convertible 49-52 feet (15-16 meters)
Coupe 55-59 feet (17-18 meters)
Sedan 55-59 feet (17-18 meters)
Hatchback 52-55 feet (16-17 meters)
Sports Car 52-55 feet (16-17 meters)
Station Wagon 59-65 feet (18-20 meters)
Sport-utility Vehicle (SUV) 55-63 feet (17-19 meters)
Minivan 65-80 feet (20-24 meters)
Pickup Truck 72-92 feet (22-28 meters)

Keep in mind that you may need extra material for repairs.
Therefore we recommend adding 6-9 feet (2-3 meters) to your measurements to avoid additional shipping expenses.

To achieve a perfect finish

  • We recommend using a tack reducer for flat panels.
  • Installation by at least two people/panel
  • Don't heat up to the line where the film is lifted to prevent adhesive lines.
  • Apply max 50 degrees of heat when stretching to prevent fading and marks.
  • Apply soap and water over the squeegee felt to avoid scratches.
  • Relax the film (heat and let it cool down) before applying it to a recess
  • Apply adhesive promoter on deep recesses
  • Post-heat a vinyl film to a recommended temperature