Product Bulletin / Release August 2018

TeckWrap 180 series is polymeric calendared vinyl film designed for midterm outdoor application.


    • Intermediate removable hybrid vinyl film
    • Low initial adhesion; maximum adhesion is achieved in 48 hours
    • New air drain technology (ADT) ensures fast and easy bubble free installation
    • 150-180 micron thickness provides overall protection of surface


    • Fleet graphics, lettering, marking, decals and decorative elements
    • Wall graphics, signature, advertising and window graphics
    • Full (smooth and medium curved surfaces) and partial vehicle graphics (chrome films)

    TeckWrap TM Film 190 series

    TeckWrap 190 series is polymeric calendared vinyl film designed for long-term outdoor application.


    • Advanced removable PVC vinyl film
    • High-tech formulation with longer durability
    • Low initial adhesion; maximum adhesion is achieved in 48 hours
    • New air drain technology (ADT) ensures fast and easy bubble free installation
    • Multilayered film designed for full car wrapping
    • 120-130 micron thickness


    • Fleet graphics, lettering, marking, decals and decorative elements
    • Full vehicle graphics


    Films are not recommended for following uses.

    • Compound curves and extreme angles (should be wrapped partially)
    • Low surface energy substrates like plastic materials
    • Weak binding surfaces like pile fabric or acrylic paint
    • Painted surfaces with poor paint
    • Dusty or grassy surfaces
    • Rusty metal surfaces like iron, copper, brassy, silver; surfaces with silicon, wax or any other coating (ceramic, quartz, etc.)
    • Moist and/or cold surfaces with weak binding
    • Other non TeckWrap films


    Henkel solvent polyacrylate, removable

    180 Peel strength 20min 0.596kg

    180 Peel strength 1 hour 1.106kg

    180 Peel strength 3 hours 0,998kg

    180 Peel strength 7 hours 1.113kg

    180 Peel strength 24 hours 1.422kg

    180 Peel strength 48 hours 1.653kg


    Rolls should be stored in original boxes until there is a need to use them. Roll in original boxes are kept on holders in horizontal position, without laying on a surface. This prevents from dints and tightens. When box is opened tube with the film should be stored on bars in proper room temperature. Avoid storing rolls in vertical position for long period.

    The best conditions for storage is usual room temperature ~ 20 °C and humidity 30-50%. In high temperatures, one can face destruction of adhesive and it’s run-out. In high humidity, vinyl is often deformed and warped. It is restricted to store vinyl films close to source of heat or at places under direct sunlight. The best condition for storage is dry and cool places, protected from direct UV. Shelf life is 2 years.

    Recommended Application Tools

    • High density felt squeegee
    • Cutter (Knifes with 30 and 45 degree blades)
    • Professional temperature controllable heatgun
    • Infrared thermometer, gloves felt block, towel

    Pre Install recommendations        

    • Take a roll accurately from its storage place. Keep it for 24 hours in the place where it will be cut in order to equalize temperature. The work with cold vinyl film in places with normal temperature can cause deformation of film
    • In 24 hour period roll should be kept in original package that protects it from humidity
    • Follow recommended application temperature. In temperatures below recommended properties of adhesive are getting worse and sticking of edges is hardened

    Surface cleaning rules

    24 hours before application

    • Clean the surface with soap liquid. Hand cleaning of organic and nonorganic wastes, removal of exhausted solution. Clean away any petrochemical contaminates (tar, oil, grease, etc.)
    • Use a good automotive cleaner and wax remover
    • Wipe down surface with isopropyl alcohol
    • Clean the surface with abrasive clay to remove the rest of contamination

    Drying of elements

    • Use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry the surface
    • Make sure that the surface, edges, corrugations, hollows and joints of the vehicle are completely dry
    • Carefully remove remaining humidity under rubber seals

    Right before application

    • Check the surface for contaminations
    • Clean dirt after dismantling of elements
    • Degrease the surface. Degrease curves and corners
    • Clean dust from the surface with sticky anti-dust clothes
    • Keep in mind that clean surface ensures high quality application and best result

    Application recommendations      

    • Keep the roll 24 hours in a place where it will be cut in order to climates the roll. Working with a cold film in a place with normal temperature can cause deformations on the film
    • Wrapping must be done in clean room. Moisten the room floor in winter period to minimize dust (anti-electrostatic measures)
    • Don’t overstretch vinyl film. We recommend stretching any film, including textured ones less than 10%
    • We recommend cold wrapping method with installation of calendared and hybrid films
    • Use leeching technique on difficult surfaces. Use method of relief cuts to decrease tension of vinyl film
    • Use clean, sharp, correctly aligned blades for film cutting
    • Use pre-stretch technique for wrapping of compound and curved elements
    • Use adhesive promoter for surfaces with low energy and compound curves when wrapping TeckWrap 180 series.
    • When adhesive promoter is not used on compound curves, we recommend wrapping in overlaps with pieces
    • Please keep in mind that various plastics contain in part release agents and softeners. These can be released (gas emission) when exposed to heat, e.g. through strong sunlight and there by influence the adhesive effect and bubble formation of the film. Same may happen if surface was painted recently
    • Apply edge sealer or transparent laminate film on edges of the film to protect them
    • After application, one should keep the wrapped surface in room temperature (18-23°С) for at least 48 hours to ensure complete adhesion. Wrapped surface can be washed only after 7 days. Do not expose wrap to rain or snow in 48 hours after application.

    Exploitation rules

    Please note that films are by nature more vulnerable than paintwork. Special care is needed when applying and cleaning the film. It’s recommended to use aftercare products with neutral pH for vinyl films to prolong its life period. Please remember that wrapped surface needs the same care as painted surface.

    The film is wash ready. Please avoid a session with hot wax. Avoid using harsh chemicals and brushes when cleaning the surface. When you use pre spraying cleaner and high pressure cleaners, use it with caution. Avoid pointing the spray bar closely to the surface and edges. The rest of polishes have to be cleaned totally. We recommend to remove aggressive impurities like tree resin, dead insects or bird droppings quickly. Use warm soapy water for cleaning. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning, complete dry. Do not leave water.

    PVC has self-healing feature when small scratches on it can be removed by gentle heating of the surface at 20-30°С. While healing a film do not keep heat gun close to a surface and do not aim at a single spot.

    Important / General

    Before purchasing and using, a customer shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. One should have high installation skills in wrapping of chrome and metalized films.

    When film is removed during warranty period of climatic zone, surface should be heated first and film pulled at low angle with slow speed. Except chrome films. Chrome films should never be heated when removed and should be pulled with fast speed.

    Important / Metallized films

    Certain films like metallic films have directional characteristics. For best results do not alternate between lengthwise and widthwise graphic panels. One need to handle metalized films with care as the appearance of the metalized layer could change upon crumpling, overstretching, too strong heating. The film may scratch during application, or during a day in and out use. Scratching of the film is not covered by warranty. We recommend using a steam vacuum or IRR heater for installation of metallized films and dry application only.

    Before purchasing and using, a customer shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. One should have high installation skills in wrapping of chrome and metalized films.

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